Yoga has been an integral part of my life for many moons. I was first introduced to my practice through a need to feel a greater sense of balance and a desire to feel a larger sense of community while living and working as a school teacher in New Zealand. I am passionate about working with people and sharing skills that help to support them in finding their own place of balance. The idea of creating a “soft place to land” stems from my focus on providing a safe, empowering space for my students to find stillness and connect with themselves through compassion and love.  

Parents & Care Givers

Replenish by giving yourself the gift of slowing down and nourishing yourself in a supportive environment that offers you tools to practice self-love and self- compassion as well as tools that help alleviate tension, stress and anxiety.

Kids & Teens

Kids & Teen classes provide a fun-filled way to cultivate self-esteem, love, and body awareness in a non-competitive and nurturing environment. Through mindful movement you will discover ways to connect to your body and ground yourself.

Family Therapy & Mindfulness Work

Family Yoga classes will help you step out of the busyness of juggling everyday life into a deeper, more connected experience of family and togetherness in your home.


Dani provides a safe and gentle space to support your individual needs. Sessions may include yoga postures, breath work, mindfulness practices, reiki and guided meditation.